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South Florida Tennis Pros

Tennis lesson for adult beginners as well as kids in Miami and Aventura Florida and surrounding areas.

Cedric Burl South Florida Tennis Pro , USPTA Teaching Pro

Lets swing and laugh together!

My name is Cedric Burl and I am a USPTA Certified Professional tennis instructor and my goal is to help adult beginners and kids learn the game of tennis with a smile on your face, lose weight, win your next match or just achieve your overall personal fitness goals.

I have also dedicated the site to everything tennis. I will have professional resources for teaching pros. You will be able to locate tennis apparel at a discount, locate physicians to deal with tennis related injuries as well as connect with my network to identify business opportunities in the tennis industry and locate properties for sale that have tennis courts attached. And I want stop there!!


USPTA Certified Tennis Instructor: I have been an accomplished athlete in multiple sports since childhood, excelling in tennis, football and basketball in high school and college. I enjoy sharing those interests with others “I was what you’d consider a ‘natural’ when it came to sports, but I still had to work twice as hard as the next guy to compete due to the talent that was around me. It’s those techniques and experiences I gained that help me relate to my clients better than some other trainers and tennis pros. I feel with the combination of my experience, enthusiasm plus my USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) credentials; I offer a unique service to my clients.”

FYI: I run an internet marketing business as well as a financial services company. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about building your business on line or ask questions about your financial endeavors when it comes to your business.



 Quick Note:

Ask your self how does my serve hold up under pressure situations?
Many players serve well until the score becomes critical and then they fall apart. They get so jittery that their usual reliable serve loses all directional control. To overcome this from happening to you, clear you mind. Stop thinking of the point, but focus all the attention only on centering the desired serve.